Reconciliation not confusion the way out

Though Home Minister Rajnath Singh commits to resolve Kashmir permanently, but the actions of the Central Government and the contradictory remarks of BJP chief Amit Shah and BJP’s senior Ministers show that the Central Government controlled and commanded by Narendra Modi is yet to come out of the confusion over the current crisis in Kashmir. Days after Home Minister Rajnath Singh started talking about permanent resolution to Kashmir issue, the NIA (National Investigating Agency) called up some Hurriyat leaders to Delhi and then landed in Kashmir to conduct massive raids on the residences of some top separatist leaders and business men. As even naives understand that separatists hold key to any resolution of Kashmir issue, conducting raids on residences of separatists won’t lead to reconciliation but will add to provocation. Amid raids of NIA teams in Kashmir on residences of top separatist leaders and business men, the Minister of State in Prime Minister’s oce Jitendra Singh says that raids show the seriousness of the Modi Government on elimination of forces harboring militancy and unrest in Kashmir and so the intents of the Modi Government are clear. While the NIA actions show the seriousness of the Modi Government on crackdown on separatists and their sympathizers, the commitment of Rajnath Singh to resolve Kashmir is looking hoax and particularly so when BJP chief Amit Shah says that Kashmir problem is conned to three Valley districts and Information Minister Venkaiah Naidu claims that Kashmir problem is restricted to three districts. e confusion created by the contradictions of the Home Minister Rajnath Singh, BJP chief Amit Shah and Information Minister Venkaiah Naidu won’t take Modi Government anywhere nearer to reconciliation and normalcy in Kashmir. e situation prevailing in Kashmir as of now demands that Modi Government shuns the policy of confusion and takes the route to dialogue and reconciliation to further the causes of peace and normalcy in Kashmir.Aslam Sb (2)

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