Tawheed Sidiq     

Movement in politics for Kashmir has become important. If we want to avoid further atrophy and burn out, we need to leap over the abyss and make good not only damage to infrastructure and environment of the country, but also dismantling its development foundations which is its people. As people get killed or flee from violence and become migrants, they forsake their normal livelihood. Kashmiri’s socio-economic progress for a better living becomes extraneous and comes to halt. Liberty has become a benchmark ton rebuilding Kashmir, free from political strife and on its road to recovery. In order not to spoil the optimism, we ardently hope that all refugees and political fugitives of Kashmir, Hindus and Muslims, languishing all over the worlds would return home and provide the supply side of development process. Progress will be imminent. Kashmiri Diaspora given security and opportunity will return home because they have left a Paradise on earth behind with singularities in culture very close to their hearts.

Why is Kashmir still the object of such tremendous desire? Surrounded by the broad shouldered peaks of the high Himalayas, the Kashmir valley holds lakes like emeralds and mountains rich with sapphires. Some biblical scholars believe that Kashmir, not Israel, was the promised land of milk and honey. While that is difficult to prove, Kashmir is certainly wealthy in natural resources and radiant with unparalleled natural beauty. To India, Kashmir is, “Happy valley” as the Maharajas called it. Perceived as the crowning jewel of Indian pride, Kashmir is guarded by Indian military supremacy. To Pakistan, the fact that Kashmir is 99% Muslim means that it is home, not only to greatly coveted natural resources, but also to over one million fellow Muslims living under oppressive Indian rule. To the Kashmiri separatists, the violence they propagate is a guerrilla revolution, as justified as the American Revolution, to free Kashmir from the greedy encamped Indian army of unjust oppressors who nearly outnumber the residents of the region.

War is peace.

Freedom is slavery.

Ignorance is strengthArticle

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