Problems and Prospects of Fashion Designing in Jammu and Kashmir

“I want people to be afraid of the women I dress”


By: Taskeen Sabha Khan

In simple terms if we talk abouFashion designingt Fashion it simply means varying forms of dressing. Fashion does not mean just making cloths for sale. It is about the overall progress in dressing sense, style, confidence and the overall personality of a person. Fashion is the way in which a people present themselves. Nowadays fashion changes more abruptly as compared to any other thing. When a person fits in with the contemporary manner of fashion, he/she is considered as glamorous. Today fashion or glamour has become an integral part of a person’s life. If a person isfashionable he/she becomes much more confident. While designing a cloth, a fashion designer keeps in his/her mind the color, texture, quality, proportion etc., which he/she may use in his/her designs.

In a country like India where people follow old traditions and customs, it is quite difficult to introduce new mode of fashion. As fashiondesigning involves innovation with old traditions and customs it becomes problematic to design cloths in a new pattern. Despite of all these things there are ample opportunities for a fashion designer to innovate new things in the field of fashion. Such an innovation has been done while combining Indian traditional attire with the western apparel to make a new outfit, that is, Indo-Western style. Indian people very easily and warmly accept the changes and new innovations in fashion.

Jammu and Kashmir always being unique in its culture and tradition is also very much exclusive in dressing sense. Jammu and Kashmir due to its geographical variations is having different climate in different regions. Somewhere it is very cold like Dras and Kashmir valley and somewhere it is very hot like Jammu and Kathua. Due to these climatic variations there is also variation in the dressing pattern of the local people. So in Jammu and Kashmir while designing any attire a fashion designer has to keep all these things in his/her attention. Also the local people do not easily accept any change in their culture and tradition. Also, in Jammu and Kashmir especially in Kashmir, Fashiondesigning is not popular among people. The local population is not aware about this very field and even if the present day generation is aware their parents do not allow them to pursue this course. But if once people come to know about this course and start pursuing and promoting it, this field will definitely provide plentiful opportunities to the youngsters in making their carrier and also taking it to new heights.

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