Mawar: The Nature’s Canvas

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Var Nazeer Ahmad

Nestled in the northern reaches of Kashmir, the Mawar region unfolds like a picturesque canvas, celebrated for its natural allure, serene landscapes, and a vibrant cultural tapestry steeped in knowledge and literature. At the core of Mawar Region lies the soulful village of “Mawar,” a charming locale divided into upper and lower parts, cradling the famed “Nala Mawar.”
Flowing across the village, Nala Mawar is more than a stream; it’s a lifeline, supplying cool, sweet water to dozens of neighboring villages and towns like Handwara, Rajwar, Qalamabad, Langate, and Krala Gund. Beyond its practical role, Nala Mawar’s crystal-clear waters offer tranquility and refreshment, creating a haven for locals and visitors alike.
Nala Mawar isn’t just a water source; it’s an economic lifeline. Employing thousands in the region, the stream provides sand, gravel, and construction materials, fueling local enthusiasm for sustainable development.
Adjacent to Nala Mawar rests the elevated village of Mawar Bala, providing a breathtaking panorama of the Bangus Valley. Here, the acclaimed “Bangus Sports Stadium” stands tall, beckoning cricket enthusiasts from far and wide. With governmental support, this stadium aspires to transform into a global cricket hub, boasting unique features that set it apart.
Once known as “Raj Maidan”, this locale served as a recreational haven during the Maharajas’ reign. Legends speak of the Maharajas establishing camps, indulging in leisure and hunting activities. Today, transformed into the Bangus Sports Stadium, it preserves the echoes of a bygone era, inviting both locals and visitors to relish the historic charm of “Raj Maidan.”
Delighting the Culinary Senses in Mawar:
Mawar is renowned for offering the finest quality trout, ensuring a delightful culinary experience for visitors. Moreover, the fertile soil of Mawar contributes to its productivity, sustaining the community’s agricultural endeavors. The simplicity and kindness of the villagers create a welcoming atmosphere, complemented by the high IQ levels of the youth. This new generation excels in academics and competitive exams, a testament to the village’s commitment to education.
It’s noteworthy that the daughters of Mawar, in adherence to longstanding traditions, steadfastly uphold their modesty and dignity. This commitment to values is attributed to the foresight of elders who established Darasgah Darul Uloom, imparting Islamic values and manners to the youth, fostering their growth into responsible citizens.
As you explore the enchanting Mawar region, the tapestry of its allure extends beyond nature and sports. The harmonious blend of agriculture, education, and cultural values weaves a rich narrative, making Mawar a multifaceted gem in the northern reaches of Kashmir.

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