‘Elections, L&O top priority, drug addicts to be booked under PSA’

Kashmir Magazine

Srinagar: Srinagar police has said that curbing drug menace is one among the three top priorities of police, saying that many people indulging in drug peddling have been arrested so far.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Srinagar, Dr Haseeb Mughal in a brief interaction with Kashmir News Service (KNS) said that 16 cases have been registered regarding drug abuse while as 14 individuals have been arrested since he assumed the charge as district police chief.

He added that curbing drug menace was one of the three top priorities of police after elections and law and order. In curbing drug menace cooperation of people is must to end this menace from the society.

Dr. Mughal added that police has organized several youth conventions so far at different police stations to sensitise the youth in which over 250 youth participated. During these Youth conventions, police appealed them to stay away from the drug abuse and were also asked to help us (police) in curbing this menace.

He added that it is only with the cooperation of youth and general public that police has successfully seized drugs in huge quantity and have arrested 14 persons so far. “In recent past, huge quantity of drugs were seized from Pantha Chowk.” he said.

SSP Srinagar further stated that youth nowadays are getting indulged in the drug abuse; therefore ruining their lives, besides involving their families in it too. “There are two parts of this drug menace that include Drug abusers and Drug peddlers. We are taking strict action against those involved in drug peddling and making this a mean of earnings. We are also working to book the drug peddlers under stringent laws and detaining them under PSA as the drugs related offences committed by them doesn’t covered under NDPS Act. We are working to include it in NDPS through necessary amendments so that persons involved in it will be booked under PSA,” the district police chief said.

He also appealed the parents, friends and relatives to get advice from experts and avail the facilities of Police Drug De-addiction centres if their beloved are indulging in drug abuse.

SSP Srinagar further said the drugs being used by the youth are easily available at medical stores here and “we appeal the medical store owners not to sell the drugs without any proper prescription.”

He said that youth getting indulged in drug abuse was the outcome of lack of parental care. “Youth should not be under depression. I think there is lack of parental care due to which they are getting depressed, which is unnatural. Youth who are full of energy, should be involved in productive activities and not become depressed. Masjid Committee, Civil Society, Molvis and others have to play a pivotal role in curbing the drug menace,” he said.

About police-public contact, SSP Srinagar said that they were busy in election process and other things, therefore the initiative taken to make a better tie between police and public was not being focused but once these processes are over, it will be focused on properly.

He also appealed people not to violate the traffic norms, saying that people should follow the traffic rules in letter and spirit so that the burden on police will come to an end. It is not the duty of police to caution the drivers everytime and make them realised about traffic norms. This is everybody’s duty to ensure the safety and order on roads while driving. He also said that many schools lacking parking facility, thus led to traffic congestion. School authorities must also look into this issue.

About law and Order, SSP Srinagar said forces including CAPF were sent to Kashmir ahead of elections who are being deployed round the clock. This is to provide a complete sense of security among the people during electioneering process. “Elections are challenging but we are fully alert and prepared. We appeal people to cooperate with the police and SF deployment so as to ensure secure & peaceful atmosphere. The safety, security and peace can be ensured with public cooperation only" he said.