“Gaming Disorder”


Kashmir Magazine

Well, everybody is familiar with the highly populated game ‘PUBG’. Yes it is enjoyable to some extent but talking about its negative effects, it can be very dangerous. GAMING is a disorder/disease which came along with the digital revolution. It has overturned the life’s applecart of many people. The disorder is marked by the poor control over oneself and a continuous time, expense on gaming despite its negative consequences. Introverts find they can avoid interacting with REAL peers by playing with online players. A gamer always thinks s/he’s going to succeed which ultimately leads to addiction. These games have become very elaborate make-believe world and multiple characters which makes its more attractive. These games (PUBG) are designed in such a way that they become addictive. According to WHO (World Health Organisation) gaming disorder is included in the 11th version of international classification of disease (ICD-11). It has many psychological signs like getting cut from others in order to spend more time on game, loss of interest in other things in life, jeopardizing, it effects out health too like eye strain, migraines fatigue etc by the over use of the controller. Someone addicted to the gaming is likely to avoid sleeping and eating meals at proper times which leads to hungers, sleep disorder. These games develop aggression, violence among the youth which leads to loss of control over oneself. If this pattern continues, the gamers might lose all their friends. Parents think that it expands the imagination of their child and would sharpen their cognitive skills by working collaboratively, but it’s wrong. Parents as well as children should do self-introspection whether they are doing the right thing or not, here the role of parents is very much important they should keep their children in a healthy atmosphere. Now-a-days gaming has become a 24/7 affair. It affects the developing mind and the body of an adolescent. Its cure is not that much easy but is certainly achievable just do not delay taking help. There are various therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, wilderness therapy, outpatient rehab program, medications (bupropion). Recently Jordon banned the hugely populated game PUBG on Saturday 6/7/19 citing its negative effects on the kingdoms citizens. The move follows similar bans in Iraq, Nepal, Indian State of Gujrat and Indonesian provinces of Aceh. Psychologists in the country have repeatedly warned the game encourages violence and contributed to bullying among the citizens. Our Kashmiri youth is too affected by its ill effects. Youngsters spend most of their time on gaming instead of their studies. I request to the government to ban it quickly to save your youth from being drowned. I hope it will be banned soon.!!!



By Areebah Aslam

Class 10 Student

Delhi Public School, Budgam