Future of Kashmir looks dark


Kashmir which is known for its beauty is facing a precarious situation due to the fresh disturbances and closure of educational institutes.

Due to the critical situation, the political, economical and educational systems are facing challenges. Business is becoming difficult. Tourism is suffering. The mind of the youth as well as teens is dangerously diverting from education. And above people are psychologically disturbed.

Students who want to study at this stage and have dreams to rise higher become disturbed and this results in harmful situations like students suffer from psychological problems.

This will lead to a haphazard results for present as well as for future.

The situation is same all-around- whether is Sopore, Srinagar or any area of south. Protests and disturbance have became a common thing for Kashmiris now. It has become major concern not only for masses for government also.

People claim that police is assaulting masses, and Police claim the pelters. But no one knows who is responsible?

The conflict in Kashmir is a major cause of all these disturbances and turmoil.  What will be the future of Kashmir, is the common question everyone is asking?

“Students who want to get educated at this stage have stones in their hands and slogans in their words. It is worrying for me as a parent,” Abdul Aziz, a father of three teenaged children, of Sopore said.

A Higher Secondary School Sopore student Nasir Bhat said that, “the roll of our higher secondary is 1300, but due to disturbances 300 students are attending school on daily basis. And the attending students have fear in their mind that protest are will happen.”

“We request the government to take a proper steps so that the future of students is saved for this,” he added.

“I am for peaceful protest. I am not with those who pelted stones. This will break down the development for Kashmir and there will be no progress,” said Khadim Ahmad, a resident of Natipora in Srinagar.

Government must take step towards the development and industrialization of Kashmir and should find a proper way to tackle this problem, he added.Education

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