Bhat Shameem

When our ancestors hung up their shoes years back they might have been quite contended that their  connect with connect with soccer would not end up because their following generation would carry forward the sport with more zeal & zest .but given the present status of soccer in competition to other sports in this part of the world is antithesis of what they had perceived at the time of their retirement . we may find it hard to face up to the fact that scarcer in our times is loosing its charm & elation not because our youth are more into other sports but because we fail to organize enthralling soccer events which could captivate the youth towards this great sport .there is no denial to the fact that many seasonal soccer tournaments are being organized in such a way that their sole motive do not go beyond the time –pass, as they neither offer any suitable platform nor sufficient enthusiasm to the players required to cause a stir in them , and unfortunately most of such events end in deadlock! There fore it is not the other sports which overshadow soccer as many of us may think ,it ids the farcical soccer events that tone down the great sport.

By soccer ,we man discipline ,dauntless optimism ,indomitable  fortitude & forbearance & not merely winning or loosing ,in a bid to rejuvenate the passion for soccer, Bungus valley soccer organizing body in collaboration with DFA & youth services & sports will go across the state to identify the local talent to provide them all ways and means to enable them to go extra mille .lets hope we get our ducks in a row & our endeavor worst like a charm will get show on the road.

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