Will talk to ‘own’ people rather than Pakistan

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'Not a single piece of land of any villager snatched in J&K post Article 370 roll back as was being propagated by vested interests’


The Union Home Minister, Amit Shah, who was on a three-day visit to Jammu and Kashmir, made a strong statement by stating that he will talk to the people of Jammu and Kashmir and the youth rather than Pakistan, while covertly responding to Farooq Abdullah’s statement, wherein he had stated peace in Jammu and Kashmir is only possible, if India-Pakistan hold dialogue.


Shah, while addressing a public gathering at SKICC said that why should not they talk to the people of Jammu and Kashmir, and its youth. "We want to talk to the people of Jammu and Kashmir and that is why when I was talking to the youth the other day, I made it clear that I want to be friends with the youth of Kashmir and I extended my hand for friendship."


Notably, this was Amit Shah's first visit to Jammu and Kashmir after the abrogation of Article 370 and 35-A and bifurcation of erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir into two Union Territories viz Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh on August 5, 2019.


Shah said that the Modi government is committed to the overall development of the Kashmir Valley, Jammu and Ladakh and the sole aim of abrogating article 370 and 35-A was betterment and development of all three regions.


“I am often asked by some people why curfew was imposed in Kashmir and why the internet was snapped. Let me answer today, this was done to protect and save the lives of our youth. We didn’t want vested interests and anti-peace elements to exploit the situation and push our youth on roads to face bullets. This step was taken to save the lives of Kashmiri youth," he said.


He also said that Kashmir is in Modi Ji's heart and whenever he talks about Kashmir he asks where has the development been taken in Jammu and Kashmir.


Shah said that it is the time to come out of this bloodshed and move towards a new journey of peace, development and prosperity. "I assure that J&K will get what it deserves by 2024. And I want to make it clear that the people of Jammu and Kashmir have the equal right like I have here. There is will be no discrimination," he said.


He also said that the three families have exploited the youth and the people of Jammu and Kashmir for the last 70 years. "We understand what it means when a father shoulders the body of his young son. That is the reason we imposed curbs on August 05, 2019, because we did not want that emotions of the youth of the valley would be exploited and they would have to face bullets on the roads," he said.


Shah also said there were rumours in J&K that after the abrogation of Article 370, land and jobs of the people would be snatched. “Give me one example, of any village, where land of any villager has been snatched. Under the leadership of J&K LG Manoj Sinha, 20,000 jobs have been provided and 6000 more are in offing,” he said.


He, however, said that unlike previous regimes, especially two-families that ruled for 70 years, jobs would be given to those who deserve it. “Time is over now when people of J&K would have to pay money for jobs. Nepotism and corruption is over. Those questioning me should answer as to why youth were deprived of becoming Sarpanchs and Panchs," he said.


Shah said that a chief minister here would leave people suffering and spend six months in London every year. "Now we have young sarpanchs, panchs and other representatives, who can become MPs, MLAs and also the Chief Minister. J&K will have a CM who will stay with the people in districts," he said.


He said that under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi, Medical Colleges, AIIMS, IITs and other institutions were given to J&K. “We have 30,000 Panchayat representatives in J&K. There is hardly any house where there isn’t a cooking gas connection. Tap water is available to everyone. Electricity is available to every poor family and health cover of Rs 5 lakh is available for one and all across Kashmir. Why Dr Farooq and Mehbooba Mufti couldn’t do it in 70 years," he asked.


Referring to Dr Farooq Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti, he said under their leadership 40, 000 people have been killed and they never condemned the acts of militancy here. "What they is that it is not right that someone has been killed but they never say who is killing them and they never condemn their acts," he said, adding that "We will not allow anyone to kill anybody and we will not allow anyone to destabilize peaceful atmosphere here."


He said that militancy is on a decline in J&K and efforts to replace guns with pens have borne the fruit. “These parties would demand to talk to Pakistan and Hurriyat. This way, they choked Kashmir’s economy only to enjoy power. Today, we have succeeded in replacing guns with pens even in militancy hot bed of Pulwama district besides other districts of the Kashmir Valley,” Shah said.


‘Dadagiri’ of three families will no longer work in J&K, Time for sidelining Jammu on developmental front has ended


Amit Shah, while attacking the opposition parties of Jammu and Kashmir including NC, PDP and Congress said that “Dadagiri” of three families will no longer work in Jammu and Kashmir.


He said that what did these three families give to Jammu and Kashmir for 70 years- 87 MLAs and 6 MPs. “Modi Ji has done the work of making 30,000 people elected representatives, a Panchayat has been formed in every village. Now 'Dadagiri' of these three families will not work,” Shah said.


He also said that people of Jammu will no longer be sidelined as the time for sidelining them has come to an end and Jammu will be treated equally in every respect.


Shah, while addressing a public rally in Jammu’s Bhagwati Nagar area, said that he came to Jammu to assure the people of that time of injustice is over now and no one can do injustice with the people of this region.


“Some are trying to disrupt era of development here, but I want to assure you that no one will be able to disturb the era of development,” Shah said.


Amit Shah encouraged the youth of Jammu and Kashmir to work for the development of J&K and defeat the ‘sinister design’ of militants who are trying to disrupt the peace in the region.


He said that both Kashmir and Jammu will be developed together and nobody can stop the era of development that has started in J&K.


Shah also remembered Prem Nath Dogra on his birth anniversary. “Today is the birth anniversary of Prem Nath Dogra. People of India can never forget him. He along with Shyama Prasad Mukherjee gave the slogan that in a country two vidhan, two nishan, two pradhan will not work,” he said.


Shah also targeted political parties such as PDP, NC and Congress and said that they slammed the centre’s idea of bringing investment in J&K.


“When we introduced new Industrial policy, three families that exploited J&K, used to mock who will come here. However, due to PM Modi's feat, Rs 12,000 crore investment has come till now to J&K and we aim a total of Rs 51000 crore investment by the end of 2022,” Shah added.


In a veiled reference to opposition parties, Shah said that some people are raising questions about security. “Between 2004-14, 2081 people lost their lives, 208 people per year have been killed. From 2014 to Sep 2021, 239 people lost their lives. We're not satisfied as we want to build a situation where nobody losses their lives and terrorism completely ends,” he said.


Making a sincere appeal to the youth, Shah said that militants will fail in their conspiracies if the youngsters of the valley join the development process. The centre is committed to saving the lives of the people of J&K and to end the militancy completely.


Amit Shah flags off first international flight from Srinagar to Sharjah


Amit Shah, during his three-day visit to Jammu and Kashmir, flagged off the first international flight services from Srinagar to Sharjah. India's low-cost airline Go First became the first airline to launch direct flights from Srinagar to Sharjah.


The inaugural flight was flagged off by Shah from the Sheikh ul-Alam International Airport in Srinagar with a full contingent of passengers in the presence of Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha and other dignitaries. Union Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia virtually attended the event from New Delhi.


"The direct flight from Srinagar to Sharjah is going to start, as you know that many of our people are settled in the Gulf countries. Many people want to come from Sharjah because of tourism. By direct flight to Srinagar, people will get benefits in the field of tourism. This is the golden opportunity for Jammu and Kashmir. I am happy to announce that from today itself Srinagar airport is going to be converted into a practical international airport," Shah had said.


GO FIRST will operate four flights every week between Srinagar and Sharjah. The direct flights from Sharjah will offer seamless connections to Srinagar and beyond to Chandigarh, Delhi, Jammu, Leh and Mumbai and vice versa.


‘Kashmiri Youth were saved due to curfew, internet suspension post article 370 abrogation, Delimitation will happen followed by elections and restoration of statehood’


Home minister Amit Shah also said that during the abrogation of article 370, internet ban and curfew saved the lives of thousands of youth of the valley. Shah while addressing youth at Raj Bhawan auditorium said that the people questioned curfew and communication blackout at that time, but had there been no curfew, they don’t know how many lives would have been lost. “The lives of Kashmiri youth have been saved by that decision which has been questioned on so many platforms.”


He said that three families ruled J&K for 70 years. “Why were 40000 people killed during their reign. Is there any explanation to those killings. The BJP government has made those things possible, which were hampered during the 70 years rule of three families.”


“Today we are witnessing development, employment and education in Jammu and Kashmir. This is a big change. Industries are coming up in J&K. Tourism sector is flourishing. Now no matter how much force one exerts, no one can stop this wind of change,” he said.


He said that he wants to assure the youth of Kashmir that no one can stop this change from happening and it's a new era for Kashmir.


“Today, I came to Jammu and Kashmir after around 2 and half years. It is a very contented moment for me as after the security review meeting, I am having an event with the youngsters of Youth Club,” he said while addressing members of J&K Youth Club.


About delimitation, Amit Shah said: “Why should we stop delimitation? Delimitation will happen, followed by elections and then restoration of statehood. 5th August 2019 will be written in golden letters. It was the end of terrorism, nepotism and corruption in J&K. Now youth of J&K have to contribute in the development of the Union Territory, it is their responsibility,” Shah said.


He added that militancy has reduced, stone pelting has become invisible post abrogation of article 370.


“I want to assure you that strict action will be taken against those who want to ruin peace of J&K. No one can obstruct development which is taking place here. It's our commitment and we will definitely fulfill all our commitments,” he said.


Amit Shah pays obeisance at Kheer Bhawani temple in Ganderbal


Amit Shah, during his visit to J&K, paid obeisance at Kheer Bhawani Durga temple in Tulmulla area of central Kashmir's Ganderbal district.


Shah visited the temple and prayed there, he was accompanied by Jammu and Kashmir Lt Governor Manoj Sinha and other officials.


He also held a security review meeting and inaugurate several developmental projects in the Kashmir including a government medical college at Handwara, which was e-inaugurated by him.