Will promote Wular Lake as independent tourist destination

Kashmir Magazine

Wahid Rafeeqi

 Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Secretary, Sarmad Hafeez on Tuesday said that the Wular Lake is the identity of the Kashmir valley and department of tourism will promote it to recognize it as an Independent tourist destination.

Talking to reporters on the sidelines of Wular Festival at Bandipora, Sarmad said that just like Dal Lake, Wular Lake is the identity of Kashmir Valley.

“To revive the traditional beauty of Wular Lake, the department along with district administration Bandipora has organized this Festival. Being one of the most beautiful and largest freshwater lake of Asia, Wular Lake has tremendous tourism potential. So we have organised this festival to promote its beauty and for recognising it as an independent tourist destination,” he said.

Sarmad said that Bandipora has great tourism potential and this year tourism department had organised Gurez Festival in the district which was a huge success. “Gurez had more tourists this year than the past and this was a huge success of tourism.”

He said that earlier this year the department recognised nearly 75 unseen beautiful destinations of Kashmir and among those unseen destinations Wular Lake is the finest destination.

“So to promote the tourism value of this place, this festival was organised. It is just a beginning as in future also tourism department will try to promote it as an independent tourist destination so that tourists from all over the world can come over here and enjoy its scenic beauty,” he said.

He said that the department is organising several promotional campaigns on national level to promote tourism of Kashmir.
“The film policy released by LG is a welcome step as it will revive the romance of film industry with Jammu and Kashmir. The film shootings will prove beneficial to the local stakeholders as well,” he said.

Sarmad emphasised the need to revive production of water chestnuts, the nadru and the fish of Wular Lake so that people from every corner of the world can come over and gain the local experience of the valley.

“Besides, that water sports revival is required so that sports activities would also get a boost at Wular Lake,” he added.

Sarmad said that Wular being a destination for thousands of migratory birds, so the department is organising a bird watch festival next month to promote the beauty of this place.