Stomach cancer more rampant in Kashmir, Ladakh than Jammu: Top Kashmir Gastroenterologist

Says, ‘excessive use of salt makes people prone to stomach cancer’

Kashmir Magazine

Owais Gul

Srinagar: The medical experts Tuesday said that the excessive use of salt can cause stomach cancer, saying that Kashmir and Ladakh province in Jammu and Kashmir are witnessing more such cases as compared to Jammu division.

Talking to Kashmir News Service (KNS), noted gastroenterologist, Prof (Dr) Showkat Ali Zargar said that the places where excessive salt is being used are much prone to stomach cancer.

He said that besides slat, bacteria called H Pylori present in any human body can also cause cancer but everybody is not prone to the disease, saying that those who are genetic can get affected.

Dr Showkat said that like other places of the country, H Pylori is also found rampant in Kashmir but the bacteria can’t cause cancer to ever patient but those can get affected easily who are genetic.

He said that the stomach cancer is found in Kashmir and Ladakh province in the state that causes due to the food and other things.

Dr Showkat said that the peptic Ulcer is also found in Kashmir and according to the study, 10 per cent of people are affected due to the H Pylori and excessive use of salt.