Open with caution

Kashmir Magazine

Jammu and Kashmir like rest of states has started a new phase- Unlock- in the country’s experiment with the novel coronavirus . On May 30, the Home Ministry issued “Unlock 1” guidelines- allowing a phased resumption of social and economic activities across the nation. Though there were already some sort of relaxations given by the State government for the movement of employees and other essential occupations and trades like agriculture in early May. The new guidelines speak a different language- thrust on-reopening. The notifications issued by the MHA allows resuming activities in malls, hotels, restaurants, and places of worship in non-containment zones and “unfettered movement” of goods and persons within and between states has been allowed. The Government wa actually in a fix how to contain Covid19 and allow livelihood earning opportunity to a population of more than a billion. It has become necessary to ease the stringent lockdown given the toll on people’s livelihoods, and the stress on the economy in general. With the ease in lockdown, there has been record spike in the Covid 19 positive cases across the country. As the foot fall of people increases on the roads, shopping centres reopen and people give in to the temptation of eating out, the Government has to continuously remind people that the pathogen doesn’t have an antidote yet — they should not lower the guard -adhere to precautions - stay caution and maintain safety. According to statistics, the loosening of the restrictions has come amidst a few positive developments. The recovery rate in Maharashtra — the worst affected state in the country — is now at par with the national average, the doubling rate of the infection in Gujarat — the state with the third-highest caseload — is much slower than the national rate. But Delhi has is reporting more than 1,000 cases daily and similarly the Kerala has seen a fresh spurt of infections. THE returning migrants are adding to the caseload of several states — the number of COVID cases in Assam, for instance, doubled; so is the case with J&K. This surge in infections will know throw an unprecedented challenge on the already overstretched healthcare infrastructure of the states. The states will have to find creative ways to deal with the burden on hospitals — framing norms for home quarantine, for example.

The state and public is equally responsible for not letting down the guard against Coronovirus while visiting markets, places of worship, restaurants and socialise . It is important all deputy commissioner take business establishments in confidence and create an environment for earning livelihood without affecting the Covid 19 spread efforts. Covid19 is a reality and we have to live with it till researches donot come up with some antidote. Adhering to precautions as communicated by medical practitioners is what people have to adhere to at any cost.