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‘Happy to know IIT, IIM & AIMS Jammu are integrating courses, institutes’


President of India Ram Nath Kovind on Thursday said that he was happy to know that IIM Jammu, IIT Jammu and AIIMS Jammu are integrating and offering courses in which students from one institute can get access to the other. He made the comments during his address at the 5th Convocation at IIM Jammu.


President Kovind congratulated the students and degree holders for their achievements. He also congratulated their parents and teachers and stated that they have toiled hard to witness this day which is so important in the lives of these young students.


He said that the integration of courses and institutes is in line with the objectives of the National Education Policy-2020.


Speaking on the occasion, the President said that education is the greatest enabler. “The future of our country depends on the good education of our young population. Institutes like IIM Jammu are nurturing our youth. These talented young people are going to build the India of the future. They are going to make the lives of the people better, and the country stronger,” he said.


He said that as we know, the National Education Policy seeks to position India as a ‘Knowledge Hub’ in today’s knowledge economy. “It seeks to make our youth equipped for the world of the 21st century while preserving our ancient values which remain relevant even today. For India to become a global knowledge hub, our institutes of learning have to be globally comparable. I am happy to note that the number of Indian institutions in the global ranking is gradually increasing.“


He said that new institutions like IIM Jammu should quickly adopt global best practices and aspire for higher ranking.


He added that aided by convergence of technologies and opportunities, many start-ups have become very successful and are being described as the emerging mainstay of the Indian economy.


“Unicorns, most of which are set up by young people, must be a source of inspiration for all students.”


He said that the mindset of being a job-giver and not a job-seeker among the youth of India is one of the key factors in our country having one of the best start-up ecosystems in the world.


He said that he was happy to note that IIM Jammu, in collaboration with DICCI and CII, is going to set up a special diversity cell for helping potential entrepreneurs from scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. He appreciated everyone concerned with this initiative to promote entrepreneurship and inclusion.


The President advised students to remain quick learners and re-learners throughout their life. He said that the role of fast paced technological changes is going to be disruptive.


“The shelf life of technologies is getting shorter. Therefore, the shelf life of management and leadership styles is also going to be shorter. To deal with such a scenario, they have to move from the mindset of ‘utilising the known’ to the approach of ‘exploring the unknown’. They have to move beyond their comfort zones to the areas of uncertainty. They have to convert challenges into opportunities. They have to be ‘pro-changers’ and yet be sensitized to ‘no-changers’ for converting them as supporters of change. They have to look at tomorrow while learning from yesterday. They have to create their future based on the relevant learning from the past.”


He advised them to keep an open mind, an open heart and a strong will. He said that a really good entrepreneur, good manager or a good business leader is one who believes in doing well by doing good. “Excellence and ethics go together.”


He further said that the establishment of IIM, Jammu in 2016 marks the beginning of a new chapter of higher education in this area. “I am sure that this institute will soon emerge as a major education destination for students from different parts of the country, and even from other countries. I am glad to note that students from 25 States and Union Territories are receiving education from the faculty drawn from all over the country. This makes IIM Jammu reflect a young mini-India. I am told that adjunct faculty from countries like the UK, France, Brazil and the US are associated with IIM Jammu. I am also happy to note that the Institute has tied up with 15 prestigious institutions in the US, France, Australia, Korea and the UK for student and faculty exchange programs. I have been told that the new campus of the institute is targeted to be fully functional by November this year. “


He also extended his best wishes to the team to achieve the target. “I am also happy to know about the steps taken to develop Srinagar Off-Campus of IIM Jammu. That will further increase the higher education outreach in this part of the country.”


He said that he was glad to note that the educational eco-system of this area is getting stronger by cooperation among the Jammu based IIM, IIT and AIIMS.


“I am happy that these three institutes are integrating and offering courses in which students from one institute can get access to the other. IIM Jammu has been offering a dual degree program with IIT Jammu. It is also starting MBA programs in interdisciplinary areas with IIT Jammu and AIIMS Jammu. This integration of courses and institutes is in line with the objectives of the National Education Policy-2020.”


He said that he was told that other higher education institutions have been asked to emulate this initiative taken by these institutes. “I appreciate IIM Jammu and the other two national institutes here, for taking the lead in this important area of synergy.”


“As we know that the United Nations has been publishing a World Happiness Report along with the ranking of countries on happiness related parameters. In a world full of stress, happiness is as much about the spirit of the person as it is about external conditions. Therefore, the right training of people in the art of happiness is as important as their training in skills and professions. In this context, the initiative of setting up a Centre for Happiness, named ‘Anandam’, by IIM Jammu is a welcome step.”


He said that he would urge IIM Jammu and other institutes in your proximity to adopt towns and villages of the neighborhood and channelize the potential of the people for bigger goals, be it in the field of entrepreneurship or research or skill development.


He said that he once again congratulate the recipients of medals and degrees today. “I am delighted to see that all the three medal winners in today's convocation are our daughters. As we know that in the latest results of the Civil Services Examination released recently, our daughters have captured the top three ranks.”


He added that these happy developments related to the excellence of our daughters indicate that India is moving not only towards greater women empowerment but also towards women-led empowerment.


“I hope that each one of you would strive to make our nation proud and make a positive contribution in the development of the society and the nation,” he said.