Misuse of Social Media

Kashmir Magazine

Though social media is a bigger platform for generating public opinions on issues concerning peace and development in different regions of the world and more so here in Jammu & Kashmir but instead of putting right views on right issues on social media sites particularly face book and twitter people of disintegrating tendencies in Kashmir and other parts of the country use social media for instigating violence and creating wedge between the communities and the regions. Ironically the social media in the absence of accountability is being used even for malicious propaganda against individuals, groups, political parties and NGOs to create bad opinions about them among the people for the purposes of exploitation. Though politicians, bureaucrats, lawyers, journalists, human rights activist, academicians and trade unionists put posts on public issues concerning the working of the government and its institutions and the responses of law enforcing institutions to unlawful activities of individuals and groups but people of blurred visions and disintegrating tendencies put unethical and immoral posts and videos to promote waywardness among youth. The use of news and views contents on social media sites particularly face book and twitter should have been restricted to registered newspapers, magazines, news agencies, news channels and online news portals but a license to use news and views contents on social media sites to people of all shades has set a very dangerous trend of exploitation. It is for the operatives of social networking sites to restrict the use of news and views contents to responsible people of different walks of public life so that irresponsible posts and views by people of disintegrating tendencies don’t become the cause for violence and exploitation.