Meet this youngest fitness trainer and gym centre owner from Bandipora

Kashmir Magazine

Kashmir Magazine

At a time when drug abuse is taking a heavy toll on the youth in Kashmir, a gym centre in the Nowpora locality of Bandipora district has been instrumental in producing some of the best athletes in recent times.

Aesthetic Era 'The Gym & Spa' located near SK Sports Stadium Bandipora, is the first of its kind Gym centre in the area and is being run by a local youth Peerzada Aqeel.

Aqeel, 26, a civil engineering student opened the gym centre and gradually opted it as his career. After completing his education in engineering, he pursued his degrees in Fitness & Nutrition from ‘Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute Noida.

Aqeel says that the gym is equipped with the latest machinery and equipment for different kinds of activities and exercises to keep one fit and healthy.

He says he has pursued several courses in health and fitness and has participated in several sports and bodybuilding competitions in Srinagar as well as in Delhi.

“Around one thousand boys and girls which include all age groups have a membership here. It gives me immense pleasure when youth show enthusiasm towards fitness activities,” Aqeel said.

What do you do with the boys who have been either engulfed by the conflict or the drugs? Usually, we suggest doctors, but according to Aqeel, apart from keeping youth fit, gym like activities also keep youngsters away from consumption of drugs and other bad habits.

“In my short fitness trainer career I have seen many boys experiencing sooth and peace after joining the gym centre,” he said and adding that to keep yourself busy with such activities at least for a few hours is enough to drop the stress and depression.

Apart from youngsters, elders who include women also have acquired membership of the gym centre to keep up with good health.

Aqeel said that he has also installed a base cafeteria, supplement store, kickboxing, cardio, CrossFit and strength sections inside the gym building.