Improving Gandola, other services at Gulmarg

Kashmir Magazine

Managing Director (MD) Cable Car Corporation, Ghulam Jeelani Zargar has said that taking the system of Gandola at famous Ski-resort in Gulmarg on digital lines has eased the operations, as people no longer have to wait in long queues to book their rides.


In a brief interview with The Kashmir Magazine, Zargar said that he took multiple steps to further improve the operationalisation of Gandola at Gulmarg after taking over as MD Cable Car.


“As we have instructions to take the system on the digital lines, in that connection we have shifted to e-ticketing to book Gandola rides, which has put an end to unnecessary long queues for booking tickets at the counter,” he said.


Zargar said that they have introduced the time slots for booking the rides on their online software and according to which tickets can be booked as per the convenience.


“We have also taken the initiative of constructing ramps for specially-abled people, and have also instructed to reserve special compartments in washrooms for them,” he said.


He added that in order to maintain discipline during Gandola rides, private security staff will be placed for which tenders have been rolled out.


As per the MD, Cable Car has obtained some major achievements in improving Gandola and other services at Gulmarg over the last few years, which has given a boost to tourism activities in the area.


Here is the list of some of the major achievement:


Commissioning of Toilets and Washroom block at Kangdori Gondola consisting of 16 compartments, facility created for the first time in the last 30 years.


Introduction of time slot in online ticketing system of Gondola which reduced the Queue enormously.


One type-design of sign boards installed for every shop in Gulmarg.


Heavy tourist flow due to improved infrastructure and positive campaign luring the tourists.

February - 56354

March - 86644

April - 136589

May - 249329

June – 295912


Tri-lingual signage being installed in English, Urdu and Hindi in Gulmarg and Tangmarg


Outsourcing of assets on high premium payments like we received 51.00 lakh for outsourcing of 5 No. of spaces at Children's park, which would otherwise fetch 7. 3.50 lakhs per annum.


Pre-paid pony ticketing counter has been established and is running, to prevent cheating of tourists.


Revenues of Gondola are at an all-time high. The revenues received from 1st January to 31st December, 2021 last year crossed in early June only.


Private Security deployed in Gondola for better services and safety.


Mural and normal paints are done to beautify the Gulmarg.


One of the most attractive selfie-points was established at the most scenic point which attracted a lot of tourists and fascinated them.


Expression of interest for development of water theme park at Peerkho Jammu under PPP mode issued for development of first water park at Jammu.


Designing of vertical lift to be established from Peerkho to Mubarak Mandi started which shall be a unique project in India.