How ‘Annual day’ is important in educational institutions

Basharat Rashid

Kashmir Magazine

Education department in Kashmir has started a good initiative, by ordering commencement of ‘Annual day’ functions in all the educational institutions of the valley, including middle, high and higher secondary schools, which is being applauded by the different sections of people since the order was passed.
The step is literally an important and fruitful, as it will help students, of all the capabilities, from all the places, whether in urban or rural areas, to showcase their talent, besides it will help the society in general, as a lot of hidden talent will get expose by organizing such programs.
Kashmir already has lot of talent as youth here are performing very well with their creative work in all the fields, but all what they need is platform, for proving themselves skilled, in their respected fields, which can be achieved only through such initiatives.
The valley has plethora of unsung artists, singers, athletes, cricketers, speakers, dancers, developers, innovators, and others, who don’t have any sort of stage or platform yet, where they can show their performances to impress the audiences, which may help them to achieve their goals. Therefore, ‘Annual day’ like initiatives can play important role in shaping their talents.
Since the educational institutions have started organizing Annual days, an excitement is being seen among the young desirous students, who want to move forward in their life with more and more exposure and experience.
According to some students, they are highly inspired by the programs like “Annual day”, as few of them participated in a cultural programs at their school, where they proved themselves as good artists by impressing the audiences and other guests. That has really encouraged them, which became the source of inspiration for them as they want to move forward in that particular skill now to chase their dreams.
Similarly other students were also seen happy with this “Annual day” move as they hit the stage for the first time and delivered their topics, which has polished their talent. Because, as per them, they want to keep it continue to gain more and more skills on stage.
There were the days, when students were lacking exposure, even by reaching colleges and universities. The students that time were not able to give presentation as they were having no experiences of standing on stage. But those days are gone now, because of the latest initiatives, that are playing vital role in making one’s carrier, that too from his school life.
The system has changed now, as young administrative officers are very competent and are on toes to give the new shape to state by creating platforms for them in their particular fields. Athletes like Tajamul Islam, and Hashim Manzoor are the best examples who were trained in young age, that made them skilled and later their performances in overseas made whole Kashmir proud.
The talent is actually hidden among the young buds (students) in schools and colleges, and it’s mostly present in the students of far-off villages, where it remain unexposed, until and unless they come out from those areas to get it exposed in big cities, that literally is helping them to reach their destinations. To find out such talent, “Annual day” in schools is the good option as it can be the foundation stone of their talent.
There was a time, when tribal people were not getting good education as passing 10th class was limit for them and their 10th pass was enough to get job, but their mindsets have changed now. Wherever you visit now, whether it is school, college, university or any government office, ‘Gujjars’ and ‘Bakerwals’ have now broadened their vision and are becoming doctors, engineers, professors and other professionals. I think it is all because of awareness programs being held in school as well as college level, which boosts the inner talent of individuals, irrespective of cast, color, etc.
Therefore, we can say that organizing awareness programs in the educational institutions is the need of hour and it should remain continue to find out more and more hidden talent. Education department’s initiative hence is an appreciable step which should be followed strictly to give a good space for the students who are desirous and are eagerly waiting to get a chance.

Author is a journalist, who has worked with many news organizations.