Doyen of Industrial Entrepreneurship in Kashmir

Kashmir Magazine

Syed Mohammad Iqbal Bukhari, the chairman of FIL Industries left for heavenly abode last Sunday but left indelible footprints on the entrepreneurial and Industrial landscape of Jammu and Kashmir. A man, who kicked a promising government job and undertook a mission of transforming his dreams of entrepreneurial development and Industrial expansion into a charming reality, will be remembered for his unmatched contribution for decades together.

Even in the present day of industrial revolution his unmatched contributions in the field of entrepreneurship and industrial could be the source of inspirations for the youth of J&K who plan to build careers in business and industry.

Bukhari by the dint of his actions and remarkable achievements has left behind a legacy of leadership in entrepreneurship and industrial development. Never forget that he was the brain behind reviving the struggling horticulture industry in Kashmir by establishing FIL industries.

He has left a mark so deeply rooted in the soils of the business industry that even the richest men fall short in comparison to him. The story of this unstoppable tycoon began in north Kashmir Baramulla district. He was the brightest student during his college days and was quick at his studies. He was a hard worker and passionate about work he had choosen for him.

Bukhari left the government job as a promising officer of J&K Revenue Department, after developing huge interest in business to execute mission on his own vision. Bukhari named his own company as ‘Kohinoor group of enterprise and later its name was changed to “FIL Industries Pvt Limited” established in 1998, which went on attaining popularity with each passing day.

The FIL Company is a diversified business organization with interests in Agro-Chemicals, Agro-Infrastructure. The Company has one of the Asias’s largest fruit juice concentrate units, manufacturing fruit juice concentrates, packaged juices, and drinking water from Jammu and Kashmir.

Under FIL Industries he had set up one of the prestigious Concentrated Juice plants in Kashmir. He was full of ideas on innovations that industry in Kashmir could adopt for survival. He took up with FIL industries to a global level with its own manufacturing units for the formulation of products sourced from the best available resources worldwide.

What matters the most is the fact late Syed Mohammad Iqbal Bukhari was also a philanthropist and popular in all sections of the society as a down-to-earth, pious, and humble personality. Bukhari created his empire out of passion, not greed. With his pockets becoming full, he began his philanthropic endeavors with the pure intention of helping the needy. Apart from his belief in corporate social.