Director SKICC participates in FICCI Frames 2019 in Mumbai

Kashmir Magazine

Srinagar: FICCI Frames is an exclusive platform for showcasing the potential of shooting locations in different destinations within the country with a target market across the world and in the domestic sector.

Director Sher-i-Kashmir International Conference Centre (SKICC) Bakshi Javed Humayun while representing Jammu Kashmir participating in a discussion about Jammu and Kashmir as the perfect frame for shooting films and other serials mentioned about the historical bonding of Kashmir with Bollywood. He also mentioned about the recent films shot in Kashmir and stressed for the complete revival of Bollywood Kashmir relationship.

Director SKICC interacted with different Bollywood and cricket stars personalities and pleaded for the shooting of films and serials and songs in the beautiful canvas of Kashmir.

The presentation made by Director SKICC about Jammu Kashmir as an ideal shooting location was taken well by the audience with a galaxy of producers, Directors actors who vowed to do all possible to make Kashmir again the hub of film shooting. 

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