Bukhari seeks unemployment package for J&K Youth

Kashmir Magazine

Apni Party president Altaf Bukhari renewed the demand for statehood besides
an unemployment package for the swelling number of unemployed youth of UT.
"We met PM Modiji, Home Minister Amit Shahji and discussed the 17 point agenda. Today, we impress upon the PM and the HM to fulfill the promise they made on the floor of the house,” Bukhari said as per KNS correspondent.

Launching an attack on the administration, Bukhari said administration in J&K is defunct and the Srinagar-Jammu highway blockade has triggered a crisis in Kashmir which should be investigated and the contractors who are constructing a four-lane highway, need to be booked for irresponsible execution.

" They should be held accountable and booked under national security act. There is a serious crisis of essential supply in Kashmir due to closure of highways for so many days,” Bukhari said according to a KNS correspondent.
While maintaining that the Apni Party re-started politics after the August 5, 2019 decision of 2019, he said the Apni Party got 5.5 vote share in the recently concluded DDC polls .

He welcomed the new industrial package recently announced by LG Sinha. However he sought extension of the package to old industries.

Bukhari said that the J&K administration got buried under a few inches of snow , " earlier we used to witness closure of Highway once in a month and now the situation has deteriorated to such an extent that it now remains blocked for the entire month almost,” he said as per KNS correspondent.

He stressed on the GoI to send a fact finding team to J&K to know the real situation on ground.
" Administration is defunct and no development is taking place. The team should assess the ground situation beyond the computerized representations,” Bukhari said. “There are no milk streams flowing in J&K as being projected wrongly by some quarters.”
He also demanded release of youth who
are still behind the bars.
"Security situation has improved. Misguided youth are returning back into the mainstream. Militancy is on decline. educated youth are sitting idle in homes. GoI should announce an unemployment pension package at the rate of Rs 10,000 per youth, a month,” he said,l.
He added that India is a developed country and the world is watching the country in the wake of Covid-19 vaccine. “There are seven lakh unemployed youth in J&K. If we can buy missiles worth billions of rupees, why can't there be an unemployment package,” he questioned.

Regarding a question about PAGD, he said, " it was an alliance of the politicians for the politicians to show a new face to the people. It was expected to crumble, but it crumbled before we expected it to fall,” he said