Attempt to deflect attention from core issue

Kashmir Magazine

Tinkering with the state laws concerning special status of the state and working of key institutions like Jammu and Kashmir Bank has become a routine practice for the Jammu and Kashmir Governor who triggered many controversies and took u-turns on many decisions he took in haste in total disregard to the sensitivities of the people on key issues. Knowing that people in Jammu and Kashmir are very sensitive to the special status they have been enjoying for the last 70 years, the Governor stungs a surprise everyday by announcing the decisions which by all stands of understandabilities is the domain of a popular government. Announcing decisions and taking u-turns only to generate a debate is obviously an attempt to deflect the attention of the people from the core issue concerning political sentiments of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Even after critical statements from top mainstream political parties, the Governor is needlessly continuing the routine practice of announcing controversial decisions and taking u-turns just to deflect the attention from the core issue concerning the basic political sentiment in Jammu and Kashmir. After the dissolution of the assembly, the Governor should have focused on the conduct of an early assembly election in the state to restore popular rule in the state but he is tinkering with the laws which is the domain of the state assembly and imposing decisions that attract criticism and condemnations only. Governor being a man from political background is ought to take decisions for early restoration of popular rule in the state but not to tinker with laws and institutions to only to generate animosities and controversies. The time has come for the Governor to take immediate steps for early restoration of popular rule in the state.