‘Unity has to be in actions’

‘Unity has to be in actions’

Kashmir Magazine

Sehrai was born in 1944 in Tickipora Lolab, Kupwara. His forefathers migrated to this part of Kashmir before partition. His family hails from the Khans of Pakistan. His father’s name is Shamas-ud-din Khan. Sehrai studied in Tickipora till primary level, before moving on to Sogam High school for further studies. He passed matriculation exam in 1959. He was given Wazifa (scholarship) in Class 10th because of his intellectual and command on Persian, Arabic and Urdu languages. He did B.A. (Hons.) in Urdu from Aligarh Muslim University (AMU). Sehrai also has prestigious Urdu degrees of Aadebe Mahir and Aadebe Kamil.
His two brothers, who were politically and religiously active, were one of the early Rukuns (basic member) of Jamaat-e-Islami. To be a Rukun of Jamaat is not easy, as one has to go through many various levels of Islamic rituals.
Sehrai was influenced by Geelani’s hold on Quran and Hadees (sayings of Prophet Muhammad) S.A.W. Sehrai was also impressed by Geelani’s command on Maulana Abul Ala Maududi's literature.
Sehrai finished Class X when he was 17. By this time, Geelani was 30-years-old, and Halqiy-e-Sopore. He was in dire need of young blood for the party. Sehrai’s elder brother motivated him to join Geelani. He fought elections against Sheikh Abdullah on JeI ticket in Ganderbal. Although he lost, he reportedly said, “we wanted to break the myth that the Sheikh cannot be challenged and he is invincible.” He was nicknamed ‘jailbird’ for spending many years in prison as JeI and later as TeH leader. He is seen as capable of building a cadre and organisation and has never been accused of any moral of financial corruption. He has also held many important posts in JeI before 2004.

He spoke to M.Aslam “The Kashmir Magazine” on challenges of the current phase of resistance struggle. Below mentioned is the excerpts of his interview.

Q: Indiscipline is the main reason for chaos among muslims across the world today and muslims in Jammu & Kashmir also see political chaos taking roots.

A: Response to the challenges of political chaos and indiscipline lies in the unity of the people. In Jammu & Kashmir people engaged in resistance struggle meet to discuss the challenge and stress for unity but unity has to be shown by actions. Without leg pulling we should allow all people to contribute for the success of the freedom struggle in their own way and take measures for strengthening unity. We all have to show unity in actions to end political chaos and strengthen unity among the people .

Q: What is your message to youth of Jammu & Kashmir in the present political scenario?

A: Youth are on the forefront in the ongoing resistance struggle and care has to be taken that leadership and youth work in harmony. Gapes between the leadership and the youth is not good for the future of the resistance struggle and as such should not be allowed to come in between the youth and the leaderships. I would like to appeal youth to read and understand holy quran in the right perspective without allowing any one to deliver sermons on the basis of the views of any individual against any one. Once they read and understand holy quran and hadith in the right perspective youth should follow the teachings of Prophet (SAW) and follow Sunnah.

Q: Most of the times youth are not following the program of the resistance leadership. Would you like to react to this increasing tendency brewing up among youth?

A: Youth should adhere to the programs announced by the leadership. Both leadership and as well as youth work for furthering the causes of freedom struggle and as such there is no scope for both to differ on any issue. Both youth and the leadership have to work in unison to further the causes of freedom struggle.