‘Target Killings Aimed at Provoking Forces’

Kashmir Magazine

Tasaduq Rashidd

Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha has reiterated that targeted killings of members from the minority community were aimed at provoking the security forces to commit a mistake so that people can hit streets in protest. He, however, said that police and security forces won’t touch any innocent and instead continue to root-out militancy from Kashmir soil.


Over the last few days LG Sinha has been reiterating that innocent and targeted killings in the Kashmir Valley were aimed at provoking security forces, as militancy in the Valley is on death bed.


Addressing a gathering after inaugurating model residential school and Tribal youth Hostel in Kulgam, he said that targeting innocent people including female teachers was a well-planned move to provoke police and security forces so that they could commit a mistake that can set base for street protests.


“We won’t fall prey to such nefarious designs. Police and security forces won’t even touch any innocent as we are following the policy of don’t spare the culprit and don’t touch the innocent,” he added.


He said that society as a whole must condemn innocent target killings in Kashmir. “I believe that militancy in Kashmir is on its last leg. Target killings are acts of desperation and the security forces and administration are working to ensure development across the region. But the road to development goes through peace,” he said.


LG further said that recently there have been incidents of targeted killings in the valley, which were aimed at derailing the peace and development process in the Valley, and society should condemn such acts unequivocally.


“A female teacher who played a key role in shaping a life and imparting education was killed, if society is not condemning it then I understand we are backing off from our duties,” LG Sinha said.


He said that the security forces and police have heavily cracked down on militancy and that militancy is in its last stage in Jammu and Kashmir.


“Every effort is being made to make people free from militancy and the path to growth and development is only through peace. Jammu and Kashmir administration has a policy of not touching the innocent and not sparing the culprits,” he said.


Target killings of members from the minority community and attacks on non-local workers in the past few weeks across Kashmir raised security concerns. Union Home Minister Amit Shah chaired a high-level meeting in New Delhi to formulate a counter-strategy to prevent attacks on migrant Kashmiri Pandits.


LG Sinha further said at the end of financial year 2021-2022, J&K’s tax collection increased. “We recorded a 24 per cent increase in GST collection, 30 per cent growth in excise duty, 56 per cent growth in duty and 25.33 per cent growth in sales tax. J&K is selling the cheapest petrol and diesel,” the LG said.


He said that they are trying and working hard to ensure round the clock development of every district of J&K. “I am happy to state that a lot of work was carried out by the government that provided huge relief to the people of Kashmir. After the implementation of the Forest Rights Act, people living in forests have the right to live a free life.”


He said money would always come from the Government of India but the fact remains that funds never reached the common people. “People belonging to Tribal communities were abandoned but in 2020, they got their rights. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a slew of schemes for Tribal men, women and children. Representation to Schedule Tribes in the Assembly will go a long way in addressing the long pending issues of people associated with the Tribal community,” he said.


Notably, LG had made similar remarks about the targeted killings in Udhampur and at the SKICC as well.


During an Attestation cum Passing out Parade of DYSsP (Prob.) 15th Batch and PSIs 25th Batch at SKPA Udhampur, he said that the security forces will avenge every drop of tear shed by the families of those who lost lives in target killings by militants in Kashmir.


“Administration led by me feels the pain and agony of families of those who were killed by militants in Kashmir recently. I assure the families that the security forces will avenge every drop of tear shed by them,” LG Sinha said.


At SKICC, LG Sinha said that militancy was on its deathbed in Kashmir and some elements on the other side were attempting to create instability as they couldn't digest robust growth of economy and huge tourist influx in the Valley.


He said that people of Kashmir fully understand the current situation in Kashmir and they are collectively up against whatever has happened in the past few weeks.


“When the lamp is about to go off, its flames flare more and the same is the case with militancy in Kashmir as it is about to end and is counting its days. The administration and the security forces were preparing to their full capacity.”


He added that some elements on the other side are attempting to create instability. They can’t digest the robust economy and tourism here.