‘DRUG ADDICTION’: an alarming situation

Yasir Farooq Badana

Kashmir Magazine

We are living in the era of science and technology. We are growing day by day, new ideas and innovations are emerging which makes our life easier and better. With the growing technologies we are also facing new problems of social evils which will be very destructive for our society. If we can’t take immediate actions we have to face thousands of problems in future. One of the greatest threat to mankind nowadays is ‘Drugs Addiction and Peddling’
Our youth is becoming victim of drugs very rapidly. There are lot of factors that are responsible for drugs addiction in youth. I would like to discuss some of them briefly:
• One of the reason that youth are becoming drug addicts is unemployment. High unemployment levels could cause rampart drugs addiction. In our valley the unrest has affected the important livelihood of local people such as tourism, horticulture, handicraft and industries. People are fed up of with unemployment and that’s why they are involving in illegal practices especially they sell and become addicts of drugs.
• Another cause is ‘Depression and Anxiety’. Most of youth are depressed nowadays due to their personal, educational and economic crises. They want to get rid of this, they try new things like smoking and drinking to came out of this, when they don’t satisfy with smoking and drinking they become the victims of drugs,When a person is under the influence of drugs, he/she forgets everything and enters into a trance-like state. However, it is only later that people realize that the use of drugs is only aggravating the problem and not really helping them in getting rid of the stress.
Once Rollo May Said
“Depression is the inability to construct a future”
So, remember that drugs is not way to came out of depression.
• Our teens are very talented and giving their best in every field we have lot of examples, but remember there is always a dark side of everything and teens are very fond of try new things, they wanted to do something adventurous and new in life. But they used this energy in illegal works they want their identity no matter by hook or by crook due to this they become drugs addictive and involved in wrong activities. Parents should have to take care of their Childs when they are in their teenage.Many teenagers these days think that the habit of drinking, smoking and even drug addiction is what helps them look cool and create a style statement in the front of others. However, it’s only when these people get trapped in its vicious circle that they realize the irreparable they have caused to their lives. They must have to check their behavior, phones and friends they keep.
There are lot of reasons that youth are becoming addictive of drugs. Time to time government amend and make new laws to check drugs trafficking. In 1985 “The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances – Bill 1985” was introduce in Lok Sabha on 23-aug-1985. It was passed by both the houses pf parliament and was asserted by the president on 16-sept-1985. It came to force on 14-Nov-1985 as:
“THE NARCOTIC GRUGS AND PHYCHOTROPHIC SUBSTANCES ACT, 1985(Shortened as NDPS Act). Under the NPDS Act it is illegal for a person to produce manufacture/cultivate, possess, and sell, Purchase, transport or consume any Narcotic Drugs or Psychotropic substances.
But as we know that ground realities are different than the paper work. Some person are doing their business by selling and peddling the narcotic and psychotropic substances. They are getting lakhs of rupees by supplying and selling of drugs. Police and civil administration are not taking strict actions against them. Police should have to control on drugs trafficking. The border areas are mainly effected by this disease. Youths of border areas are not only getting addictive they are also making money of it by supplying and selling it.
Police only raids occasionally, police should have to work on to reach the roots of their disease.
? Police personal should be deployed at those places where youths gathered at evening.
? Suspected vehicles and drivers should be kept under police surveillance.
? There are some specific sources of drugs in the valley. They should also be kept under police surveillance.
“Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the
Narcotic be alcohol or Morphine or idealism”

Carl Jung